Physical persons’ property insurance.

According to the terms of property insurance contract the following kinds of property can be insured:

Insurance development tendencies on the international level

The modern level of development of insurance business in industrially advanced Western countries is characterised by enhancing the tendencies to monopolisation in insurance business and concentration of capital.

The essence of the insurance marketing

Marketing is a philosophy of the underwriter, determining the strategy and tactics of his activities in the conditions terms of competition. Marketing simultaneously combines market research, new product development, distribution, advertising, promotion, product improvement and so on.

Forms of insurance activity.

Nowadays there are the insurance companies of the following legal forms:

Joint-stock insurance companies are companies that are formed to carry out insurance operations, which nominal capital is formed by issuing or selling shares. They usually function on the same legal basis as other joint-stock companies and can carry out any kinds of insurance on license basis.

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