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Ultima actualizare Oct 19, 2023 Accesări: 14,931 Macroeconomics

The problem with the IS-LM model

The starting point of the Aggregate Demand - Aggregate Supply or AD-AS model is an assumption in the IS-LM model (and in the cross model) that limits its usefulness. This is the assumption that if firms where to choose the profit maximizing quantity of L (LOPT), they would produce more than the aggregate demand. In the IS-LM, YOPT > YD must hold as discussed in section Aggregate supply.

To realize why this is a problem in the IS-LM model, we gradually increase the aggregate demand byincreasing G. We can illustrate the process using figure 12.6 in Section The Labor Market

Ultima actualizare Sep 19, 2020 Accesări: 8,408 Economics

After years of more or less continuous growth and relatively low macroeconomic volatility during the years named “The Great Moderation1, the US economy entered in December 20072 what seems to have been the deepest recession since The Great Depression3 The recession has been of relatively long duration and contained both a credit-crunch and a significant downturn in the housing market.

Ultima actualizare Sep 19, 2020 Accesări: 7,284 Economics

The probability for corporate success varies together with the business cycle, and there is no doubt that the state of the macro economy influences the rate of investor and corporate success. This means that the potential risks of changes in business cycle growth rate is a potential threat to all market participants, which needs to be handled through risk management.

Ultima actualizare Sep 19, 2020 Accesări: 4,586 Economics

Even though the different business cycles can be described through relatively simple models such as the one explained in section ( U.S. business cycles ), the underlying reasons for the developments and the amplitude of the business cycles seems to be changing with each cycle. Wesley Clair Mitchell who was one of the early researchers of business cycles and leaders of NBER stated that; “since each business cycle in a sense is unique, a thoroughly adequate theory of business cycles, applicable to all cycles is unattainable” (Dua 2004, Page 1).

Ultima actualizare Sep 19, 2020 Accesări: 6,642 Economics

In the late 18th century Adam Smith wrote about the impact of competition on firms’ abilities to set prices and make profits above a “natural” level.

However, there was no formal analysis of the situation until British economist Alfred Marshall published Economic Principles in 1890. The ideas in Marshall’s model remain a key part of mainstream economic theory, although the theory has been criticized as not representing the true nature of competition.

Ultima actualizare Sep 19, 2020 Accesări: 8,897 Accounting

Long-Term Notes

The previous post Current Liabilities and Employer Obligations illustrations of notes were based on the assumption that the notes were of fairly short duration. Now, let’s turn our attention to longer term notes. A borrower may desire a longer term for their loan. It would not be uncommon to find two, three, five-year, and even longer term notes. These notes may evidence a term loan, where interest only is paid during the period of borrowing and the balance of the note is due at maturity.

Ultima actualizare Sep 19, 2020 Accesări: 4,278 Accounting

Question: Above, in discussing the possible decisions that could be made about an organization, ownership shares were mentioned. Occasionally, on television, in newspapers, or on the Internet, mention is made that the shares of one company or another have gone up or down in price during that day because of trading on one of the stock markets. Why does a person or an organization acquire ownership shares of a business such as Capital One or Intel?

Ultima actualizare Sep 19, 2020 Accesări: 5,823 Accounting

When searching for the best accounting software, we looked for solutions that are affordable and easy to use. We also looked for time-saving features that take the headache out of small business accounting, such as automated entries, invoicing, bill payments, expense reports, financial reports and reconciliations. Additionally, we looked for software that make it simple to perform advanced tasks, such as built-in financial reports and data syncing, for instance, with point of sale (POS) systems and bank accounts.

Ultima actualizare Sep 16, 2020 Accesări: 5,687 Economics

The vast studies of business cycles are invaluable to the possibilities of understanding the state of the macro economy and to be able to predict the future movements of the economy. Many of the most famous economists in history, such as Keynes and Schumpeter have been researching this subject, but in this section I will mainly use the research by The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) as their research is widely accepted among economists in the U.S. today.

Ultima actualizare Sep 16, 2020 Accesări: 12,620 Marketing

Objectives of marketing concepts

In this lesson, we will introduce you to the conceptual ideas that make up the marketing function of a business. After you work out this lesson, you should be able to:

  • List out the concepts of marketing
  • Understand how these concepts are interconnected
  • Explain how marketing is changing in a connected world
Ultima actualizare Sep 9, 2020 Accesări: 5,159 Supply Chain Management

In this section we will discuss the basic beliefs and attitudes that organizations want to promote as well as recognizing that there can be different pressures on owners and managers at different stages of a company’s life as it moves from start up, through growth and maybe to some form of end stage.

Ultima actualizare Sep 9, 2020 Accesări: 3,879 Supply Chain Management

Boundaries of the Firm

In section 2 we discussed the strategic choices involved in the Make/Do or Buy/ Trade decision and the answers to this will largely determine to where the boundaries of the firm or business extend. Activities performed by third parties in the supply market are definitely supply chain ones with the opportunities and threats that that implies.

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